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EMC 2013… Let the Winds of Change, blow you away!

Technology is advancing at a MILE HIGH pace and EMC testing is necessary to the success of this progress. No longer are the boundaries of EMC testing relegated to open area test sites, laboratories and text books; they are becoming part of our daily lives. The electric and hybrid vehicles and the Smart Grid, are two big arenas where EMC plays a major role.

The EMC 2013 Symposium will include many topics to enhance your understanding of EMC, sharpen your design skills, and perfect your skills in dealing with EM phenomena. Join us in the Mile High City for a week of learning, collaboration and connecting with industry peers and start your path into the world of EMC green.

Denver Colorado


Don’t miss the Grounding Workshop - Concepts and Physics!

Grounding in digital, analog, and power electronic circuits; as well as mixed circuits when done well can avoid EMC problems, or result in EMC problems when done poorly. There are many identifiers for ground, e.g., digital ground, chassis ground, analog ground, power ground, ESD ground, and safety ground. There are also a myriad of ground notions and issues, e.g., ground loops, quiet ground, dirty ground, single-point ground, grounds for divorce, grounds keeper, ground ball, grounded teenager...



There is much to be learned in our full-day workshop titled:

Advanced Computational Electromagnetics/ Multi-physics Methods for Fast Characterizing Electromagnetic/Electromagnetic-Thermal Effects in Complex Structures

The objective of this workshop is to demonstrate some exciting and new progress in the development of computational electromagnetics/multi-physics methods for fast characterizing electromagnetic/ electromagnetic-thermal effects in complex 3-Dimensional structures, systems and platforms, which are indeed necessary but very challenging for most researchers in the fields of EMC, EMI reduction and EM protection.